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Accessibility Design: Inclusive Gaming Community


Designing a safe community gamers especially female games to enjoy games together


Brendon | Angela | Me



User Research

Accessibility Design


UX Researcher

UI Designer

Our group is interested in exploring how we can make the gaming community more inclusive to Women/POC/PWD.


Currently, the video game community is dominated by male players. On the developer end, there is a lack of research done on people of color, women, and people with disabilities. As a result, video games offer 4x more male protagonists than female protagonists.


The opportunity is to make the gaming industry more inclusive for everyone. Also expressing the importance and lack of diversity in the gaming community. 


We’re interested in creating this inclusive platform for gamers because we strongly believe that there should be a safer gaming community for everyone. We want to discover how we can create features to connect gamers with similar interests and goals while using a variety of strategies to encourage users to show respect, empathy, and care for each other.


1. Bring awareness to the gaming community

2. To express the importance of diversity and inclusion

3. Bring a safe and enjoyable gaming experience to all

prototype 1.gif

Product Preview



Define problem & target users


Competitive reviews

Empathy map

Translating ideas into


Color Evaluation



For this project, we wanted to design an inclusive design with accessibility awareness. After a round of discussion and many possible topics we witness in our daily lives, we would like to focus our project on female gamers in the gaming community. The reason for that is because we read an article criticizing how unfair the gaming world is to females regardless of the large number of female games.  I am also a part of the online gaming community and totally felt that female gamers are being treated with prejudice. Research has shown that the gaming industry still considers female gamers as an afterthought -- a minority in the industry.  

Women Gamer Statistics


in the gaming industry. 


want to see less trolling/more moderated content in the gaming community.


play a variety of different games depending on the time of day or to match / manage mood


playing games several times a day or week, who feel they belong in the gaming community

Research Insights & Issues
  • Female gamers don't feel welcomed in the gaming community. They experience harassment, flirtatious, and abusive comments. They are more likely to get harassed because of their gender and hide their true identity to avoid such harassment or quit playing video games altogether. 

  • Female characters often have weak and distressed qualities in order to fulfill male fantasies

  • Female gamers want to see a stronger network of female gamers, consists of mentors and allies who can help provide a safe space for female gamers to discuss how to combat discrimination and feel more comfortable playing online. 

  • The term gamer is typically referring to male gamers. ​​

  • There's a lack of a platform that's designed just for females. Most of the gaming platforms are dominated by male players

​“I’m in a League of Legends team and I’m the only girl. They don’t treat me any differently but when I play alone I’ve had men completely shut me down in game, try to leave the game because they “don’t want to play with a girl” and I’ve had a huge amount of sexist and derogatory comments.”

Empathy Map​

We created this map as part of our research to get a clear understanding of the users.

Accessibility Project Empathy Map.png

This persona was created to target our users. We created 3 female personas showing different backgrounds. 

Image by Naassom Azevedo



22 | Transgender

Image by Nathan Dumlao



34  | Single mom

Image by Christina @


Business owner

45 | Dyslexia

Competitive Review

Key Findings | Great ideas to learn

ideas to learn.png

Key Findings | Things to avoid

! Lack of visual hierarchy and lack of spacing between lines could cause challenges for some users.

! Stay away from this color scheme since it may be challenging for people with color blindness to read.

 Final Design

Quick walk-thru


Find & connect players

Gamers would like to look for teammates that share a similar interest in playing games.
For many multi-player games, the system automatically pairs you up with other players with no filter or preferences, which may be toxic.

+ Filters for gamers to help them find the best match to play games

+ Mentor option to help beginners find someone to guide them

+ "Like" button so players know the reputation of this player

Build a safe community

Many female players have experienced harassment online.

+ Report & block feature

Accessibility Toolkit.png

Accessibility Tools

We designed accessibility tools to help those with vision disabilities and provide personalization. 

+ Easy to switch a feature on or off 

+ Ability to adjust colors, text, alignment, and orientation.

Accessibility Design | Color Blindness
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Accessibility Design
We want to make sure the colors we selected are readable to those who have colorblind. Below shows 2 examples with colorblind filter (Protanopia & Tritanopia)
Some design guide:
1 Utilize colors and symbols
2 Use text labels
3 Avoid certain color combination, ex: blue & purple or green red
4 Make the action buttons stand out
Accessibilities Annotations

This is used to identify and communicate accessibility within design deliverables.

Accessibilities Annotations.png

I enjoyed learning about accessibility in the digital world. ​When I was an interior designer, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is at all aspects of the design.

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