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Transforming Work From Home


Mobile Design: Huddle Space App





User Research

UI Design


6 Weeks

Since the pandemic, everyone is working from home. Lack of human-to-human communication and a long day with a computer can be stressful. Many people often feel a disconnect from their co-workers and sometimes feel left out. How can we promote digital wellbeing in work from home environment is important.


For this project, I focused on how to create a mobile app to promote connection/collaboration between employees while ensuring mental and physical health.


Product Designer

The Challenge

How to corporate the concept of digital wellness to improve the experience of working remotely?


1. How might we incorporate a physical office atmosphere into the digital world? 

2. How might we promote communication and reconnect co-workers

3. How might we help workers reduce stress & better health habits


Workplace in the old days

Working & Working


Modern workplace

Collaborative Working

Emphasis on company culture & morale


Pandemic workplace

No Collaborative

Just you & work



Less formal, more communication


Set up a "take a break" reminder


​Share interest


Adding channels, for employees to join and discuss fun and interesting ideas with their colleagues such as hobbies, inspirations, work-related topics, and others


Transforming the modern work office trends into the app 



Online Surveys 

User Interviews

Persona Development

Competitive reviews


Site Map Creation

Crazy 8

User Flow

Low/Mid-Fidelity Wireframe

Re-branding ideas

Paper prototyping





What is digital wellbeing in the corporate world?


Better corporate atmosphere 


Find Focus


Avoid digital detox or overload


Add wellbeing content

Listen to Users

After I conducted surveys and interviews, I've received many valuable feedbacks from participants that are currently working remotely. 

“No clear lines of when work starts and stops / expected to always be available for work”

“Lack of physical meet up, but we have already established a relationship before doing all remote.”

“I find it harder to disconnect from my devices
since it’s how I connect to others and responsibilities.”

"It seems that some colleagues are working harder than ever, while others are completely slacking off."


This persona was created with observations, interviews, and questions from multiple participants. I created 3 personas showing working professionals with different experiences and needs. 


Design Intern

2 Months of experience



7 Years of experience


 Senior Manager

26 Years of experience

Competitive Review
Goal Evaluate competitors that provide a platform for people to meet and collaborate, specialized in the workplace. 
Key Insights 
Microsoft Teams (Direct) | Users enjoy all the tools are in 1 location but want to keep it simple. The lag-less connection anywhere around the world is really mind-blowing. People also wanted more integration such as Google Drive. 
Discord (Indirect) | Discord can be a learning tool on how to get along with others. It’s less business-like, you can easily switch between work and home. It is great for voice channel or just normal text channel chatting, Users are having more control over the other users such as volume without interrupting others.
My thoughts ..... 

I have found that most people enjoy the personalization and emotional design of the app such as emojis👍. Health concern and stay connected is one of the major struggles of many employees. Missing the company vibe, morale, and loneliness are other major downsides of remote working. Many companies are shifting their company culture to make the working environment as collaborative and fun as possible to attract the younger generations but with working from home, how can companies transfer this idea into the digital world? 

Crazy 8

I partnered up with 2 classmates(Manasi & Leslie) for this activity to brainstorm different ideas to help each other think outside the box. 


How might we________?

1. Reduced stress from work

2. Take a break 

3. Connect co-worker remotely

4. Avoid working endlessly

5. Promote a healthier lifestyle

User Flow & Wireframe

I created a wireframe mapping out the user flow to get started.


I hand sketched out the wireframe on paper and some ideas.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 1.11.00 PM.png
First digital iteration
Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 1.15.36 PM.png


Not happy with this outcome. The design style is not constant, for example, 2D vs. 3D...  It's also confusing for users to navigate and understand the function. Some pages should be simplified with 1-2 purposes. 

I also got feedback from others that they liked the idea of collaboration and fun activities among co-workers. I will continue to expand on this idea. 

To create a desirable UI, I created a mood board to help me stay focused and have a better direction of the app's atmosphere. 

Mood board
 Professional + Fun + Connect 
Final Design

Track work tasks & teammates

Idea 1 Never missed any deadlines, create clear communication

Idea 2 Get notifications on project updates

Idea 3 Simple UI

Idea 4 Know your team & teammates

Idea 5 Fun emoji

Don't forget to take a break & improving the company morale. It's important for a company to promote employee recognition, share employee success, and wellness & benefits.

Idea 1 Wellness activities| work-life balance among employees

Idea 2 Livestream events | Promote collaboration and communication

Idea 3 Add Personality | Share music to other co-workers to enjoy

Idea 4 Food | A good way to build trust and share food order